Portret van een Vriendelijke Wereld (Portrait of a friendly world)

According to Albert Einstein, the most important question a person can ask himself is: do we live in a friendly universe? Not a question just for scientists or philosophers. It is up to all people to decide whether our universe is friendly or not. An existential decision because it matters how we live on our planet.

If in a universe filled with dust, gas and rock, two planets crash into each other here or there, then there is not much to worry about. But with the emergence of life and all the emotions that come with it, everything changes. For conscious beings, like us, a responsibility arises towards the quality of life. It is up to us how we treat each other and the planet.

In these times, with everything happening all over the world, it matters more than ever what each of us does with it in every daily encounter.

In this book, (language: Dutch) more than 40 people, like you and me, give their ideas about it.